Meet Our Interns - Will Corbett

Posted on 26 August 2015

by James Hrisho - Information Architect

Next up is Will Corbett, a Product Strategy intern who joins us from Harvard. He recently went back to school but we had a great time working with him.

Let’s get to know Will!

What and where are you currently studying? What has been the most interesting course you’ve taken so far?

I am currently studying Psychology and Computer Science at Harvard, with a focus on Decision Science and design. In terms of the most interesting course… I’m stricken with the condition of being fascinated by just about everything there is to learn. I’d say the most intellectually engaging course I took was Philosophy of Psychology, where we broke down the very notions of consciousness and reality. We asked weird questions like “what if you slowly replaced every neuron in a person’s brain with a quantum computer, such that it retained all the same functioning of a human brain, but bit by bit went from being made of organic to synthetic material? At what point would this person cease to be human/conscious? Does that point exist?” I thought that was pretty cool.

What are you working on at Maxwell Health? What have you learned so far?

One of the reasons I love this internship is that I get to wear a lot of hats, most of which I have absolutely no right to pick up in the first place. I shouldn’t even be in this hat store [apologies for the lame metaphor]. My mission for the summer is this overarching notion of “customer insights”, which means helping Maxwell quantify objectives as they relate to our customer base and then using data to test whether or not we are meeting those objectives. Step one consisted of meeting people all over the company to understand their data needs and synthesizing those needs into a conceptual “data dashboard” - what metrics one might see on a screen representing Maxwell’s daily pulse across several Key Performance Indicators. Next, I helped create (and in some cases began carrying out) frameworks for addressing those data needs, including web analytics, analyzing metrics from Titan, usability testing (we’ve already done more than 10 sessions!!), and surveying our HR Admins. I have also helped Inessa a bit with research and strategic planning for the next version of Titan.

What are you looking to do after school?

Something like this? I love solving important problems with ambiguous paths to success. I thrive at the center of human decision making and technology. I am fueled by the passion, energy, and good natures of the people around me. In essence, I want to use psychology and technology to tackle a big problem with a kickass team.

How will your time at Maxwell impact your next semester?

Well firstly I’ll have a lot more FOMO than ever before. Seriously, I can’t say enough how enjoyable and fulfilling it’s been to work here this summer, and it sucks that this internship has to stop so soon. I’m kvelling and kvetching. But if I staved off graduation to work here for year, there’s no way I’d ever head back for that degree. Better to finish up this last year, made all the better for how much I’ve grown as a result of this job. Mainly, I have a stronger sense of where my strengths and weaknesses lie: I will pursue more opportunities to apply decision science and develop my product strategy, UX, and creative problem solving skills; I will also practice managing my expectations and breaking up big challenges into smaller, more actionable pieces, and will try to beef up my quantitative analytical skills. Additionally, I will try to tie all of my work back to social causes that matter, which has been one of the most fulfilling parts of working at Maxwell.

How did you hear about Maxwell?

I stumbled out of class just in time to make the tail end of a startup career fair in the Harvard iLab. Nearly missed the shuttle! The Maxwell name and logo caught my eye, so I struck up a conversation with the glamorous rep at the booth. Kelsey laid down the pitch, and my eyes lit up. If I (or Taylor, or someone else) haven’t geeked out to you before about this, here it is: Maxwell’s product is the PERFECT fit for applying insights from decision science, nudging, choice architecture, etc - all the stuff I obsess over. I was enthralled. I emailed Kelsey that night, she got me on the phone with Vinay a few days later, Inessa had me in for a few interviews in the coming weeks, and there you have it!

What is your favorite dishwasher brand and why?

Brandon’s random question was way cooler.

What would your advice be for someone looking for an internship at Maxwell Health?

The same advice I give to everyone who wants a job for reasons other than / in addition to cashmoney (not that I necessarily know what I’m talking about) - be yourself, steadfast and resolutely. You will land the right job opportunities for you if you lean into your passions and competencies, pay attention to what’s out there, and seek genuine connections with other people. That last part is probably the toughest to fake. I think that to establish the types of connections that lead to fulfilling, good-fit jobs, you need to first understand and be at peace with who YOU are. No small task. From what I can tell there is always more work to do.