Meet Our Interns - Brandon Sanchez

Posted on 04 August 2015

by James Hrisho - Information Architect


This summer we were lucky enough to find a few great interns. In a series of posts, we’ll introduce them to you. First up is Brandon Sanchez, a software development intern who joins us from MIT. He’s a big fan of podcasts and singing in an a cappella group.

Let’s get to know Brandon!

What and where are you currently studying? What has been the most interesting course you’ve taken so far?

I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Science Writing at MIT. I’m only a sophomore now, so most of the classes that I’ve taken have been requirements (i.e. classes like Calculus and Chemistry), although I did have the opportunity to take an introductory EECS course last semester. My favorite parts of the class were learning about circuits (breadboards are weird and awesome) and about Python.

What are you working on at Maxwell Health? What have you learned so far?

I’m working with the EDI Engine, a big part of that project being to compare census files and use their information to form an XML file. I started out doing a bit of back-end work with Python, although more recently have been using Javascript and HTML to do much of the front-end work, creating a dashboard that allows users to easily create and access these files.

This experience has been incredibly beneficial for me as a budding programmer. From a technical standpoint, it’s enabled me to learn languages and frameworks I never knew before, and gain a more developed intuition for coding in general. The best thing about this internship, though, is probably the way it’s introduced me to the software development process. It’s been really informative seeing how all of this work comes together in a really productive, collaborative environment.

What are you looking to do after school?

A great question; I’d answer it more solidly if I didn’t have the tendency to change my answer daily. I guess, being a sophomore, it’s not imperative that I know right now, but that doesn’t keep me from worrying about it. I’d love to do all sorts of stuff, some related to coding, some entirely unrelated. I just wish there was time for all of it. Software development is certainly looking like more and more of a possibility.

How will your time at Maxwell impact your next semester?

I’m now planning on taking a software development course next semester, and I have no doubt that this internship will have been hugely important in giving me an advantage.

Where is the money buried?

I swore to Old Man Withers on his deathbed that I would never tell anybody. Whether due to his tearful pleas or to the gypsy curse that he warned me he had placed upon his buried trove, I’ve thus far avoided that old willow by his crypt. Did I say “old willow by his crypt”? Whoops. Well, the money is definitely not buried there.

How did you hear about Maxwell?

A friend of mine (shoutout to Chris Puchi), who I know from my a cappella group (shoutout to the MIT Logarhythms), also works here, and he told me about it. I scheduled an interview as soon as I could; it seemed like a great opportunity. I was right!

What would your advice be for someone looking for an internship at Maxwell Health?

Go for it! The people here are awesome and you’re going to learn so much. Come prepared to dive into some code, and get ready to crush it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The other developers are super helpful; they know there’s a big learning curve and they’re always eager to lend a hand.